Why Beary, Ink.?

At the helm of Beary, Ink., Mary Elizabeth serves as a savvy publicist and tenacious media maven who consistently delivers maximized media exposure and brand development for people, products, services, entertainers and events to drive awareness and result in game-changing results. Every time.

Communication is everything. Precisely how that communication is packaged, where it is positioned and when it is delivered is absolutely crucial! You need bang for your buck and to succeed in gaining great publicity or building your brand, you have to create a buzz in the marketplace. You need the right buzz, the best contacts, the right delivery vehicles and consistent communication and placement.

Armed with over a decade of experience not only writing for public relations, news, corporate communications and advertising, but also strategic media pitching nationwide, creating fresh ideas and aggressive strategies for winning mind share in the marketplace, Beary, Ink. works.

By incorporating traditional public relations with online social integration and media engagement that matters, I get people talking in all the right places about all the right things.